Taraltec Solutions

Our Mission

Taraltec® Solutions is a startup Indian company, with a social purpose built right into its business, namely, to bring safe water, free of germs to people who can benefit the most from it.

Why Taraltec

The company’s products use a highly effective, proprietary technology to render water free of waterborne disease-causing germs. Manufactured in India, the company’s first product, the Taraltec:Maji™ Reactor device is sold at a very low cost, which is usually borne by local civic authorities, foundations or sponsors. Following the initial installation at minimal cost, there are no further expenses. Each liter of safe water costs a thousandth of a decimal of a paisa/cent.

An Indian Startup

Taraltec Solutions was established in 2017 and registered under the DIPP (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion), the Government of India, and has pending patents for its innovative water disinfection reactors.

The United Nations world water development report 2021: valuing water

World Health Organization

Taraltec Solutions dovetails with SDG6 (water) and SDG3 (health) in the The World Health Organization Sustainable Development Goals (WHO - SDG). With our Taraltec:Maji™ Reactors providing +99% microbe-free water, we are dedicated to ensuring access to safe water.