With its ‘fit and forget’ technology, one of the applications of the company, with patent applied for, is the Taraltec® Reactor.  It can be easily retrofitted into the India mark 2 model (the most widely used hand pump in the world), within an hour by a local plumber with no special tools. With its nil operational expense and low capital investment, the Taraltec® Reactor is ideal for all under-served remote areas. The Reactor once fitted needs no maintenance.  There is no need for specialized personnel, nor for separate electricity.

The technology has a range of other applications. With minimum moving parts, it can be brought online in variable/ pulsating fluid flows to create targeted process intensification in a modular way. The applications require minimum maintenance, and no special training.

Each can be retrofitted into existing setups with minimum modification, and with mostly no plant stoppage.

  • Fitted inside existing hand pumps by any local fitter
  • This device is maintenance free and has NIL OpEx
  • Requires no spares or consumables at all
  • Kills +99%  of all microbes instantaneously
  • Very low CapEx–can be purchased by CSRs or Individuals or the Village Panchayat directly under their own financial sanctioning power
  • Requires NO behavioural change for the user


The India Mark 2 is a human-powered pump designed to lift water from a depth of fifty metres or less. The Mark 2 is world’s most widely used water hand pump. Around the world 95% of all hand pumps are of this model.

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