With its ‘fit and forget’ technology, one of the applications of the company, with patent applied for, is the Taraltec® Reactor.  It can be easily retrofitted into the India mark 2 model (the most widely used hand pump in the world), within an hour by a local plumber with no special tools. With its nil operational expense and low capital investment, the Taraltec® Reactor is ideal for all under-served remote areas. The Reactor once fitted needs no maintenance.  There is no need for specialized personnel, nor for separate electricity.

The technology has a range of other applications. With minimum moving parts, it can be brought online in variable/ pulsating fluid flows to create targeted process intensification in a modular way. The applications require minimum maintenance, and no special training.

Each can be retrofitted into existing setups with minimum modification, and with mostly no plant stoppage.

  • Fitted inside existing hand pumps by any local fitter
  • This device is maintenance free and has NIL OpEx
  • Requires no spares or consumables at all
  • Kills +99%  of all microbes instantaneously
  • Very low CapEx–can be purchased by CSRs or Individuals or the Village Panchayat directly under their own financial sanctioning power
  • Requires NO behavioural change for the user


The India Mark 2 is a human-powered pump designed to lift water from a depth of fifty metres or less. The Mark 2 is world’s most widely used water hand pump. Around the world 95% of all hand pumps are of this model.


"The Jubilant-Taraltec® partnership is the answer to the drinking water needs of rural Gajraula, India. With a potentially 90%+ reduction in the bacterial presence in the handpump water, we now have the opportunity to scale up and elevate our community development efforts..."

Jubilant Bharatia Foundation

Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh

"Reliance Foundation recognized the innovation of the Taraltec® Disinfecting Reactor, since it addressed one of India's pressing development challenge - namely the quality of water, in under-served areas. We are happy to know that we were one of the first Foundations in India to fit the Reactors, in a few India Mark2 borewell hand pumps..."

Reliance Foundation

Palghar District, Maharashtra

"We are installing Taraltec® reactors in the 400+ handpumps in multiple villages in the Gajraula district. The removal of pathogenic microbes from the daily consumed water means healthier families, lower incidents of water borne diseases, reduction in wasted working days and an optimised economy..."

Jubilant Bharatia Foundation

Nawabpura Majhra, Uttar Pradesh

"We installed Taraltec® Reactors as part of our outreach programme for direct engagement with Tribals in the district of Palghar. We were gratified to see results as promised, with significant reduction in waterborne disease causing germs, in the lab tests conducted on the water that passed through the Reactors..."

Reliance Foundation

Palghar District, Maharashtra

"With Jubilant Bhartia Foundation choosing to trust a socially focussed social enterprise like Taraltec® Solutions opens the door to a series of potential partnerships wherein symbiotic relationships between corporates and social enterprises bring together the best that both the entities have to offer..."

Jubilant Bharatia Foundation

Gajraula, Uttar Pradesh
"Ever since the Taraltec® machine came to our village, we are no longer falling sick as we used to specially during the monsoon season... I am glad we no longer have to miss work due to illness...

Nisha - Village resident

Junnar, Maharashtra, India
"Children are no longer missing school due to sickness...no vomiting or diarrhoea since the Taraltec machine was installed...this Taraltec® machine has been a good thing for the whole village..."

Vijaya - Village resident

Junnar, Maharashtra, India
"Taraltec® machine installation was so easy...our village plumber installed it without any problem in less than one hour...and the advantage of this machine is that we keep being healthy..."

Council member - Village Gramsevak

Junnar, Maharashtra, India
"People realize the negative health effects of ground water contamination...and now we all can benefit from the fact that Taraltec® reactor eliminates waterborne diseases..."

Rani - College student

Junnar, Maharashtra, India
"There used to be a layer in the water when stored in the pot earlier… like a white layer. But now the water is clean and that layer has reduced considerably...I was actually quite amazed...”

Secretary - Village Council

Junnar, Maharashtra, India
"We no longer see rampant cases of diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid...we plan to purchase and install more of these Taraltec® devices and reap the benefits of overall health of our residents..."

Vinod - Elected Village Head Sarpanch

Junnar, Maharashtra, India
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