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The India mark II is a human-powered pump designed to lift water from a depth of fifty metres or less. The Mark II is world’s most widely used water handpump. 

In rural areas in India, the red ‘dot’ mark on a borewell,  added by the authorities, indicates that the water has later been condemned as contaminated. Often, this is due to improper sanitation and fecal matter penetrating into the underground aquifers.


With its ‘fit and forget’ technology, one of the applications of the company, with patent applied for, is the Taraltec™ Reactor.  It can be easily retrofitted into the India mark 2 model (the most widely used hand pump in the world), or even into any motorized bore well within an hour by a local plumber with no special tools. With its nil operational expense and low capital investment, the Taraltec™ Reactor is ideal for all under-served remote areas. The Reactor once fitted needs no maintenance.  There is no need for specialized personnel, nor for separate electricity. 

The game-changing technology has a range of other applications. With minimum moving parts, it can be brought online in variable/ pulsating fluid flows to create targeted process intensification in a modular way. None of the applications require any maintenance, or specialized personnel for fitting.
Each can be retrofitted into existing setups with minimum pipeline modification, and with no plant stoppage.