Fitting Taraltec® Reactor in Aurangabad district

Fitting Taraltec® Reactor in village borewell handpumps at the model village of Adgaon in Kannad taluka of Aurangabad district. Member of Parliament Chandrakant Khaire ensures 99% microbe-killed water, instantly, for the under-served in his constituency.

Taraltec® Partnerships with Corporations Provide Measurable Social Impact

Taraltec® at Yourstory GIZ India initiative panel discussion on 'Corporate & social impact partnerships'. The Taraltec® Reactor has enabled its customers to directly measure the impact and benefits of unit/products for themselves.

Taraltec® Reactor Eliminates waterborne diseases such as Diarrhoea, Cholera, and Typhoid.

Can be retrofitted to borewell hand-pump. Does not need any consumables. Has nil operating cost. Does not need any electricity. Is maintenance free.

Taraltec® at Millennium Alliance, 2017.

Courtesy: Millennium Alliance

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