Fitting Taraltec Reactor in Aurangabad district

Fitting Taraltec Reactor in village borewell handpumps at the model village of Adgaon in Kannad taluka of Aurangabad district. Member of Parliament Chandrakant Khaire ensures 99% microbe-killed water for the under-served in his constituency.

Taraltec Partnerships with Corporations Provide Measurable Social Impact

Taraltec at Yourstory GIZ India initiative panel discussion on 'Corporate & social impact partnerships'. The Taraltec Reactor has enabled its customers to directly measure the impact and benefits of unit/products for themselves.

Taraltec® Reactor Eliminates waterborne diseases such as Diarrhoea, Cholera, and Typhoid.

Can be retrofitted to bore well hand-pump. Does not need any consumables. Has nil operating cost. Does not need any electricity. Is maintenance free.

Taraltec® at Millennium Alliance, 2017.

Courtesy: Millennium Alliance

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