Tech Warrior Making a Splash

Taraltec® Reactor Retrofitted to Borewell Hand-Pump Eliminates waterborne diseases such as Diarrhoea, Cholera, and Typhoid.

"This device will kill 99% of microbes in water and end waterborne diseases."

Taraltec®: Award winning innovative technology.

Courtesy: Economic Times

Taraltec® Wins IIGP 2.0 2017 Award

Taraltec® receives the winner's cheque at 2017  IIGP 2.0.

The India Innovation Growth Program is conducted by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India, Lockheed Martin and Tata Trusts.

Brilliant! This IIT Dropout’s Simple Solution Can Deliver Safe & Clean Water to 650,000 Villages.

“The device converts the kinetic energy of the fluid into millions of targeted micro-bubbles each acting as localised reactors...”

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