Video Courtesy: BBC


  • This tiny stream spurts out at 60mph, creating a low pressure ‘bubble’ in its wake. When this collapses, it makes a bang louder than a rocket launch or jet engine.
  • For a tiny fraction of a second, temperatures in the bubble soar to more than 4,426C (8,000F).
  • The popping also creates a flash of light which lasts for a billionth of a second.
  • Divers say that colonies of the shrimp sound like sizzling fat.

In nature, a snapping shrimp (Alpheidae) attacks its prey by shooting a jet of water by snapping its claw, causing cavitation bubbles to form as the ambient pressure goes below the vapour pressure. On recovery of the ambient pressure, this bubble implodes with an intense localized energy release.

Similarly, the Taraltec® device converts kinetic energy of the fluid into millions of targeted micro-bubbles each acting as a localized reactor.

  • This is packed with extreme heat, pressure and turbulence that release intense energy packets during the collapse of the bubbles.
  • The resultant shock waves physically kill microbes, and deliver the water to those drawing it up, + 99% safer than earlier.

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