How it Works


Video Courtesy: BBC

Just as in nature, a snapping shrimp (Alpheidae) attacks its prey by shooting a jet of water by snapping its claw, causing cavitation bubbles to form as the ambient pressure goes below the vapour pressure.

On recovery of the ambient pressure, this bubble implodes with an intense localized energy release, with temperatures to the extent of

  • several thousand degrees, pressures of several hundred bars with intense shear & turbulence
  • Energy is harnessed to create precise conditions for physically killing microbes


In a flowing fluid or slurry when the ambient pressure goes below the vapour pressure, a cavitation void or “bubbles” form. On recovery of the ambient pressure, this bubble collapses with an intense localized energy release, which has temperatures to the extent of several thousand degrees, pressures of several hundred bars and huge turbulence.

The Taraltec™ Reactor can create and collapse precisely tailored bubbles to modulate the pressure, temperature, turbulence and formation of free radicals due to the phenomena. The Taraltec™ reactors harness this knowledge to transform physical, chemical and biological processes in a more efficient and effective way.

  • The device converts kinetic energy of fluid into millions of targeted micro-bubbles each acting as localized reactors
  • Packed with extreme heat, pressure and turbulence that release intense energy packets during the collapse of the bubbles
  • The resultant shock waves physically kill microbes, and deliver the water to those drawing it up, + 99% safer than earlier
  • Patents are applied for.


The Taraltec™ Reactor ​harnesses fluid dynamics and  ​kills microbes in water from bore well hand-pump & motorized water lines –  eliminating water borne diseases such as  diarrhea, cholera & typhoid. The Taraltec Reactors can take care of this, to above 99% microbe kill.