The Taraltec™ Reactor can be easily retrofitted into the India mark 2 model (the most widely used hand pump in the world), or even into any motorized bore well within an hour by a local plumber with no special tools. For more information about India mark 2 click here. To view our films on Taraltec™ Reactor general information, as well as installation and fitting instructions click here.

Our water project costs vary depending on project type, geography, and shipping logistics. Whether you have already identified the target location for your water project, or want to learn more about the needs of a particular community, we can pair you with an appropriate project (or projects).

We invite CSRs, PHILANTHROPIES, VILLAGE PANCHAYATs, GRAM SEVAKs, INDIVIDUALS, and SPONSORS to give the gift of safe microbe killed water to eliminate waterborne diseases.

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