Availability of safe microbe killed water is a critical problem across the world. The Taraltec® reactor is a groundbreaking  device, which, when fitted to bore well hand-pumps, kills 99% microbes in water. This is also an eco friendly device, which needs to be fitted only once, requires zero maintenance and does not require any electricity to run it.

The Taraltec® logo has been designed to encapsulate the main essence of this eco friendly device. The chevrons in the design depict ground water in different hues. The grey at the bottom suggests contaminated water and gradually moves up to the blue chevron to suggest clean water. The green in the middle line highlights that this product is eco friendly. The name of the company comes above the chevron symbol to show that the product is fitted above ground, whilst the water is below.

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 ENGLISH (6 min)

 HINDI: हिंदी (६ मिनट)

 ASSAMESE: অসমীয়া (৬ মিনিট)

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 MARATHI: मराठी (६ मिनिट)

 ODIYA: ଓଡ଼ିଆ (୬ ମିନଟ)