Safe water is a critical problem across the world.

We are a startup company registered under DIPP, Government of India, in 2017,  and our company has patents applied for, re: our innovative Water Disinfection Reactors.

The Taraltec™ Reactor 
​harnesses fluid dynamics and
 ​kills microbes in water from bore well hand-pump & motorized water lines -  eliminating water borne diseases such as  diarrhea, cholera & typhoid.

In rural areas: The red 'dot' mark on a borewell,  added by the authorities, indicates that the water has later been condemned as contaminated.

Often, this is due to improper sanitation and fecal matter penetrating into the underground aquifers.

The Taraltec Reactors can take care of this, to above 99% microbe kill.

We have begun to partner the CSR initiatives  of important Foundations in India.